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Sage Prime® /Flow Meter

Sage Prime® is our most popular Gas Thermal Mass Flow Meter preferred by our Industrial, Environmental and Commercial customers for many gas flow applications. It is packaged in a robust, yet lightweight, dual-sided NEMA 4 enclosure, is CE compliant, and meets UL and CSA standards for hazardous service. Easy access to a separate rear compartment with large, well marked terminals provide ease of customer wiring. Provides isolated 4-20mA and pulsed output along with Modbus® compliant RS485 communications, HART optional. It features a bright, high contrast graphical display reporting Flow Rate, Total and Temperature and even provides the raw calibration milliwatts (mw) for diagnostics which is the key to our popular, money saving, In-Situ Calibration Check.


The Sage Choice: The Most Energy Efficient Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Thermal mass flow meters are used to identify areas to save energy. Did you know that Sage meters use a fraction of the energy to operate over other manufacturers’ thermal meters? In fact, Sage meters are the most energy efficient thermal mass flow meter, suggesting that saving energy begins by choosing the correct meter.

Why Waste Energy?

Saving energy should be on everyone’s mind. On a broad scale, the goal of all companies should be to reduce air pollution, cut global warming emissions, decrease dependence on coal and other fossil fuels, and move America and the world toward a cleaner, healthier energy future.

Save Energy with Sage Thermal Mass Meters

The Sage Choice: The Most Energy Efficient Thermal Mass Flow Meter

The most energy efficient thermal mass flow meter is manufactured by Sage Metering; revealing that saving energy begins by making the Sage choice.

Sage Metering Thermal Mass Flow Meters, including the Sage Prime, are known for the three-step, three minute in-situ calibration. The Sage meter draws a mere 10% of the power than other thermal meter manufactures. That’s just 2.4 watts! If you are purchasing mass flow meters to help identify wasteful energy or improve efficiencies, why would you use a meter that requires ten times more energy than the Sage SIP, SIX or SIA?

Saving Energy by Choosing the Right Meter

This may not seem significant, but with an industry selling approximately 65,000 thermal mass flow meters a year ($200M), potentially requiring an additional 17+ watts to operate over a Sage meter, that could generate almost 1 million watts of wasted energy each year.

Sage Metering technology is all about saving energy, protecting our planet, and making extremely accurate and durable products. Learn more about the Sage Prime and its low power consumption.


  • Proprietary digital sensor drive circuit provides enhanced signal stability and improved temperature compensation
  • Features In-Situ “Field Zero Calibration Check” of sensor’s performance – verifies  that the sensor is clean, and assures that there is no drift, or shift in the flow  meter
  • Calibration milliwatts (mw) is continuously displayed, providing for ongoing diagnostics, and In-Situ calibration check
  • High contrast photo-emissive display with numerical Flow Rate, Total and Temperature, as well as Graphical Flow Indicator
  • Isolated 4-20 mA output
  • Pulse Output
  • Modbus® compliant RS485 RTU communications
  • Rugged, user-friendly packaging with easy terminal access
  • Choice of 115VAC/230VAC or 24VDC operation (12 VDC Optional for solar operation).
  • Low Power dissipation, less than 2.5 Watts.  Lowest power usage of any Thermal Mass Flow Meter.
  • Powerful state-of-the-art microprocessor technology for high performance mass flow measurement and low cost-of-ownership
  • Photocell activated Screen Saver to extend display life
  • Remote Style has Lead-Length compensation. Transmitter can be remotely mounted up to 1000 feet from probe3
  • Field reconfigurability via Addresser software
  • Flow conditioning built into In-Line flow meters (1/2″ and up)
  • Captive Flow Conditioners for Insertion meter applications, if required

Product brochures available to download for the Sage Prime®.

Sage Prime

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