thermal mass flow meter sensors
The pair of sensors are in contact with the gas.

We are thermal mass flow meter experts. Sage Metering provides solutions for measuring gas mass flow in many applications. Our high performance, NIST Traceable, thermal flow meters increase productivity and reduce energy costs. Let us show you how we can help!

What is a Thermal Mass Flow Meter?

A thermal mass flow meter is an instrument that measures the gas mass flow based on the principle of conductive and convective heat transfer. All Sage meters have either insertion probes or in-line flow bodies (In-Line Style) that support a pair of sensors, which are in contact with the gas. Not all mass flow meters are equal, and we are proud to be the only manufacturer in our industry that can help save up to 90% on energy costs; when comparing performance against less-efficient competitor models.

Sage Metering manufactures award-winning thermal mass flow meters for a variety of industrial, commercial, environmental, and municipal applications. Our high-performance thermal mass meters are built tough to withstand the demands of many applications.

Key Features

  • thermal flow meter flow profileDirect Mass Flow – No need for separate temperature or pressure transmitters
  • High Accuracy and Repeatability – Precision measurement and optimal control of the process
  • Turndown of 100 to 1 and resolution as much as 1000 to 1
  • Low-End Sensitivity – Detects leaks, and measures as low as 5 SFPM
  • Negligible Pressure Drop – Will not impede the flow or waste energy
  • No Moving Parts – Eliminates costly bearing replacements, and prevents undetected accuracy shifts
  • Rugged construction – Provides sustained performance
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Ease of installation and convenient mounting hardware



Sage Thermal Mass Flow Meters excel in a wide array of applications:

Energy Management

    • Natural gas flow measurement to combustion sources identify usage and determination of most efficient operation
    • Compressed air flow to identify excess usage and source of leaks
       Sage Metering provides solutions for measuring gas mass flow in many applications.
      Energy Management


    • Greenhouse gas emissions reporting for meeting CFR 40 Part 98
    • Measure biogas, digester gas, landfill gas for carbon credit trading

Facilities Management

    • Natural gas and compressed air submetering for cost allocations
    • Check meters for comparison with a master meter (or billing meter)

Trying to find the right thermal mass flowmeter for your application? Let one of our engineers help determine which product is best suited for you. Provide us with your contact information, and we will contact you right away with the information you need.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
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