Welcome to the Sage in the Flow blog, where I share information on thermal mass flow meter manufacturers and the benefits of mass flow measurement. In this article, I share information on our company, Sage Metering.

information on thermal mass flow meter manufacturers and the benefits of mass flow measurement
Welcome to the Sage in the Flow blog, where information on thermal mass flow meter manufacturers and mass flow measurement benefits are shared.

Sage Metering is a manufacturer of thermal mass flow meters used to measure and monitor gas mass flow for various industrial, environmental, and municipal applications. We are in Monterey, California.

Mass Flow Meter Manufacturer’s History

Back in September of 2002, I founded Sage Metering with my partners. Today, David Huey remains as the Chief Financial Officer, and I am the President and CEO.

Technological Advancements

In 2003, our company introduced the first hybrid-digital thermal mass flow meter instead of the traditional Wheatstone bridge technology. As a result, improved resolution and reproducibility were achieved, and markets flew open for using this type of meter.

Our development had momentous implications as it eliminated the drift associated with the conventional technology and permitted the ability to produce a reproducible zero flow. The role of creating a zero flow enables the meter to have its calibration verified while in the field without pulling it from service.

Sage Metering was the first thermal flow meter manufacturer to provide a unique and easy to invoke on-site calibration verification for thermal flow meters. On-site calibration verification saves time and money since the user does not have to remove the meter and return it to the factory (or a third party) for annual flow meter calibration. This innovation makes it possible to use thermal mass meters in environmental applications to report greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) per EPA regulations and quantify carbon credits per U.S. carbon credit protocols.

As a result of our company’s breakthrough, Sage Metering received the 2012 Flow Control Innovations Award.

Sage Metering also introduced a portable battery-operated thermal mass flow meter, known as the Prism®, which can record up to 3,800 gas flow points during ten hours of operation. As a result of the Prism® innovation, in 2011, Sage Metering won the Flow Control Innovations Award.

Experience Engineering Staff

Many of our experienced application engineers have worked in the thermal mass flow marketplace since its inception. We have a dedicated team to help our customers choose the right meter for their applications.

While you’re here, view our latest video to answer, “What is a thermal mass flow meter?” and discuss the mass flow meter working principle.


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    Flow measurement methods other than positive-displacement flowmeters rely on forces produced by the flowing stream as it overcomes a known constriction, to indirectly calculate flow. Flow may be measured by measuring the velocity of fluid over a known area. For very large flows, tracer methods may be used to deduce the flow rate from the change in concentration of a dye or radioisotope.

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