What better time than the present to share what sets the Sage Metering thermal mass flow meter apart from other manufacturers?

What sets the Sage Metering Thermal Mass Flow Meter Apart?
Sage is the fastest-growing thermal flow meter manufacturer.

Who is Sage Metering?

Sage Metering is the manufacturer of high-performance thermal mass flow meters. This style of flowmeter measures the flow rate and consumption of gases for many industrial applications. The meters are frequently used in energy management systems to improve and monitor energy efficiency. Additionally, they excel in applications where regulatory compliance in environmental systems is needed, including the reporting of greenhouse gas emissions.

Typical Applications for Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Some of the common uses for thermal mass flow meters include measuring and submetering natural gas and compressed air for cost accounting and energy utilization within a facility. Additionally, the measurement of combustion airflow can improve boiler and furnace efficiency. Thermal flowmeters also excel in applications where environmental reporting of greenhouse gases from combustion sources is needed and the measurement for carbon credits. Other essential environmental uses for thermal mass flow meters consist of flare gas flow measurement in the oil and gas industry, where thermal technology offers cost incentives over traditional flow measurement technology.

Sage Metering developed an exclusive in-situ accuracy verification process to meet regulatory requirements for periodic re-calibration or calibration verification. This check ensures the meter performs within its original NIST-traceable gas calibration, all accomplished while in operation.

What sets us apart?

Sage is the fastest-growing thermal flow meter manufacturer. Founded in 2002, Sage Metering brings together professionals with extensive experience in the design, operation, and applications of thermal mass meters. This considerable knowledge has enabled Sage to pinpoint and improve thermal mass flow instrumentation’s overall design and performance.

We brought to market the first digitally-driven circuit design, eliminating the traditional analog Wheatstone bridge. This feature alone provides the Sage products ability to:

  • Eliminate analog drift, improving stability and long-term reproducibility
  • Show a reproducible zero flow point, permitting reliable and straightforward calibration verification.
  • Maintain higher resolution providing greater rangeability
  • Eliminate self-heating errors (through its digitally-driven temperature sensor)
  • Match overheat to the application for greater signal resolution.
  • Offer a remote style meter permitting up to 1000 feet from the probe and lead length compensation (junction box has no circuitry – suitable for harsh environments)

With the award-winning In-Situ Calibration Verification, the user can:

  • Quickly verify that the flow meter remains in calibration with a simple field test while still in operation.
  • Check both the sensors’ and electronic’s overall instrument performance –
  • Eliminate the need for periodic factory re-calibration
  • Meet regulatory requirements for a calibration check

Also, Sage produced the initial graphic display in the thermal flow industry, which offers flow rate, totalized flow, temperature, diagnostics, and signal at a single glance. Additionally, the high contrast display adjusts to ambient lighting, making it easy to read.

Improved Method for Measuring Flare Gas