Compressor Station Natural Gas Flow Challenges?

Sage Thermal Mass Flow Meters offer cost-efficient and accurate measurement solutions.





Compressor Station Natural Gas Flow

Gas Flow Challenges?

Whether measuring natural gas to fuel the compressor at a compressor station, measure flow at its dry gas seals, or measure blowdown amounts, the thermal mass flow meter provides cost-efficient and accurate measurement solutions. Learn more in a new FREE Sage application brief.

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Thermal Mass Flow Meter Advantages

  • natural gas compressor station technical note
    • Mass flow measurement without the need for temperature and pressure correction
    • Easy in-situ calibration verification method to verify the accuracy and operation of the sensor and transmitter
    • Wide turndown for precision measurement at low or high flow
    • With varying gas pressures and flow rates, the thermal mass meter has excellent low flow sensitivity and negligible pressure drop

Advantages Continued

    • Easy installation
    • Approved for use in hazardous area
    • In-line flow body designs permit use on pipe sizes ¼ inch and larger for measuring very low flow rates.
Natural Gas Measurement in Non-Custody Transfer Applications
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Sage Metering is a premium source for monitoring, measuring, and controlling the gas mass flow of industrial processes, building management systems, and environmental applications. Our high performance, NIST Traceable, thermal mass flow meters increase productivity, reduce energy costs, maximize product yields, and/or reduce environmental insult. Let us show you how we can help!