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Thermal mass flow measurement helps increase efficiency, conserves energy, and reduces environmental impact!

thermal mass flow measurement solutions

Save Money – Increase Efficiency – Reduce Environmental Impact

Companies and organizations can achieve immediate benefit by improving how they manage their energy resources. By improving efficiency, the companies cut costs, conserve resources, and reduce their environmental impact. The use of Sage thermal mass flow meters can help manage natural gas consumption in different parts of the facility. Additionally, by measuring compressed air flow, the meters help determine compressor efficiencies and optimize compressed air usage. Learn more in this FREE white paper, “The Use of Thermal Mass Flow meters in ISO 50001 Energy Management.”

Thermal Mass Flow Meter Advantages

    • Measures mass flow, not volumetric flow
    • Easy in-situ calibration verification
    • No moving parts
    • Performs when temperatures and pressures fluctuate
    • Temperature or pressure correction not required
    • Accurate and repeatable over a wide flow range
    • Calibrated for natural gas or compressed air
    • Approved for use in hazardous area
    • Ease of installation with insertion flow

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Why is Mass Flow is so Important?




natural gas flow meter

industrial thermal mass flow meter
The Sage Paramount offers a simple calibration verification routine to reassure the user that the meter performs accurately without removing it from the installation.

Sage Metering is the innovative manufacturer of an award-winning line of thermal mass flow meters used in a wide range of applications. To learn more about our products, visit us at

Sage Metering is a premium source for monitoring, measuring, and controlling the gas mass flow of industrial processes, building management systems, and environmental applications. Our high performance, NIST Traceable, thermal mass flow meters increase productivity, reduce energy costs, maximize product yields, and reduce environmental insult. Let us show you how we can help!