Sage Metering, the manufacturer of premium thermal mass flow meters, has upgraded its calibration facility to support its growth in high-velocity and high-flow applications.

High-Velocity – High-Flow Calibration Facility

Mass Flow Meter Manufacturer Upgrades Calibration Facility
Gary Russell, Sage Metering Director of Engineering, is monitoring the progress of a high-velocity calibration.

Sage has undergone substantial upgrades to our NIST Traceable calibration facility, which includes the integration of a robust 8″ positive displacement blower/meter (with 0.5% of reading accuracy) capable of generating velocities up to 35,000 SFPM (12,000 SCFM in 8” pipe).

This upgrade permits Sage to calibrate our flow meters for high-velocity applications such as compressed air, upset flow rates in flare gas, and monitoring natural gas furnaces in the aluminum and glass industries.

Download our New NIST Traceable Gas Flow Calibration Flyer. You may also see some images from the construction.

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