Can the Sage Metering thermal mass flow meter be used for carbon credit trading?

Carbon Credit Trading

One carbon credit represents an emitter’s right to release one ton of carbon dioxide or one ton of greenhouse gas (with a one-ton carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)).

The Sage thermal mass flow meter is critical in carbon credit trading. The flow meter is used in waste-to-energy projects, methane destruction credits, and carbon credit verification. There is a wealth of information on our site that will help get your questions answered; see Carbon Credits and Thermal Flow. Meters.

Flow Meter In-Situ Calibration

A key consideration when selecting a flow meter for carbon credits is that various protocols require quarterly calibration inspection. An advantage of the Sage meter is its ability to perform an onsite calibration verification without removing it from service or requiring additional equipment. This test compares in-process and original calibration data, verifying that the electronics and sensor are accurate and the meter is in calibration.

To better understand using thermal mass flow meters to support greenhouse gas emissions monitoring, download our white paper, “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Monitoring Using Thermal Mass Flow Meters.”

Climate Action Plan to Reduce Methane Emissions