Sage Metering Press Release

Sage Metering, a leading manufacturer of thermal mass flow meters, released the 200™ and 300™ as cost-effective alternatives to their flagship product, the Prime.

[MONTEREY, CA][April 10, 2015] – Sage Metering, the innovative manufacturer of gas flow measurement equipment announced the release of two new thermal mass flow meters. The Sage 200™ and 300™ are economically priced alternatives to the Sage flagship product, the Prime.

Bob Steinberg, President of Sage Metering, said, “The 200 and 300 offer our customers a way to achieve the same level of performance as our Prime, for a reduced price. By offering a simpler display format, the user can save money yet still receive a highly accurate, repeatable thermal mass flow meter with excellent low-end sensitivity.” Meters are also available in a blind format for additional savings.

The 300 is marketed in the U.S. and Canada while the 200 is for the remaining International market. Both meters are agency-approved for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous areas and are CE approved. The flow meters are available with either 24 VDC or 90-265 VAC input power, and they have the lowest power dissipation, under 2.5 watts, in the industry. The units offer both 4-20 mA signal and pulsed output of totalized flow, and Modbus RTU with RS-485 communications is optional.

Both meters are available in integral or remote electronics. The remote design offers lead length compensation for cables up to 1000 feet (300 meters) and uses a NEMA 4 and explosion-proof junction box. They are also available with a simple display, providing flow rate, total flow, and temperature, or in a blind configuration. All units come calibrated from the Sage NIST traceable calibration facility and preconfigured with the specified process and installation parameters for the application.

More information about the new products is available on Sage 300 or call (866) 677-7243 to speak with a customer service representative.

About Sage Metering

Sage Metering is an innovative manufacturer of high-performance thermal mass flow meters for gas flow measurement. The company has brought to market the first thermal mass flow meter to utilize graphical displays, a hybrid digitally driven circuit and the industry’s first convenient and easy in-situ calibration verification system.

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