Real-Time Natural Gas Measurement

Helps Natural Gas Distributors Avert Supply-Induced Crises




Avoid Bottlenecks

When the demand for natural gas exceeds the pipeline’s capacity to deliver the gas, a bottleneck is created, causing price spikes. In our application brief, learn how thermal flow meters can help natural gas distributors better anticipate gas needs through real-time measurement.

Thermal Mass Flow Meter Advantages

advantages of thermal mass flow meters infographics
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      • Measures mass flow, not volumetric flow
      • Easy in-situ calibration verification
      • No moving parts
      • Performs when temperatures and pressures fluctuate
      • Temperature or pressure correction is not required
      • Accurate and repeatable over a wide flow range
      • Insertion probe easy to install in pipes 1” and larger
      • Calibrated for natural gas
      • Approved for use in hazardous area

Why is Mass Flow is so Important?

Natural Gas Measurement in Non-Custody Transfer ApplicationsSage Metering is the innovative manufacturer of an award-winning line of thermal mass flow meters used in many applications.
Sage Metering is a premium source for monitoring, measuring, and controlling the gas mass flow of industrial processes, building management systems, and environmental applications. Our high-performance, NIST Traceable thermal mass flow meters increase productivity, reduce energy costs, maximize product yields, and/or reduce environmental insult. Let us show you how we can help! Learn more in our Sage in the Flow Blog! Are you looking for a distributor?