INSIGHT Software Now Provides Real-Time Data Logging

Diagnostic Flow Meter Software Provides Real-Time Data Logging

Our Sage INSIGHT Validation and Configuration Software for the Sage Prime and Rio thermal mass flow meters has become even more powerful with real-time data logging.

Flow Meter Diagnostic Software

INSIGHT provides the Sage Prime or Rio user with insight into the operation of their thermal mass flow meter. Now, the user can quickly and easily determine if their meter is functioning as it came out of the box new and calibrated at the factory.

Real-Time Data Logging

Now the user can hook up their Sage Prime or Rio Flow Meter, and when accessing the real-time tab, they can record flow rate, temperature, as well as milliwatts (mW). The data is displayed continuously, both numerically and graphically until the user exits the tab. Also, the user can export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Sage INSIGHT includes the software disc and the RS485 to USB Converter (part number “INSIGHT”). It has many powerful features including validating the flow meter’s performance and generating a printed Pass-Fail Validation report.

Visit Sage INSIGHT to learn more about this exciting new diagnostic software.

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