For the third time Sage Metering Thermal Flow Meter has won a Flow Control Magazine Innovation Award. The 2012 award recognizes how Sage has led the way in in-situ calibration verification of thermal mass flow meters. This feature allows users to verify calibration onsite within minutes while the meter is still in line.

Sage Thermal Flow Meter wins Innovation Award
Sage Thermal Flow Meter wins Innovation Award

Onsite calibration saves time and money since the user does not have to remove the meter and return it to the factory (or a third party) for annual flow meter calibration. The breakthrough also makes it feasible to use thermal mass meters in environmental applications to report greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) per EPA regulations, which is the subject matter our ongoing blog series and white paper, “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Monitoring Using Thermal Mass Flow Meters.”

The ability to calibrate a gas flow meter in the field is extremely helpful to those U.S. facilities emitting 25,000 metric tons (or more) of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) per year. The EPA requires emitters (under CFR 40 Part 98) to report GHG emissions each year and gas mass flow meters perform well in many GHG emissions reporting applications.

The EPA requires that emitters follow the flow meter manufacturer’s calibration recommendations and the meter be frequently calibrated. Since most manufacturers require their meters to be returned to the factory or a third party for calibration, using a thermal mass flow meter in these applications has been extremely impractical, until now. Sage Metering’s ability to verify the meter is calibrated in the field, easily and frequently, provides emitters with a cost effective and accurate method to report emissions.

Since we introduced our in-situ calibration feature, other meter manufacturers have followed suit and attempted to offer an onsite calibration with mixed results:

One manufacturer offers a less convenient way to verify the instrument is calibrated, with the purchase of an expensive add-on. Read Thermal mass flowmeter manufacturer offers in-situ calibration.
Another company offers a way to confirm that the meter’s electronics are working, though it doesn’t verify the meter is accurate. Read Thermal mass flow meter in-situ validation attempt
Most manufacturers still require their meter to be calibrated at the factory or through a third party.
Watch this video to see how easy and quick the Sage In-Situ Calibration Verification is.

We are honored to receive the Flow Control Magazine 2012 Innovation Award.

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