This page features Sage Metering’s white papers and application briefs focusing on the use of thermal mass flow meters for gas mass flow measurement. The meters are used in various applications across many diverse industries.

White Papers

Combustion Efficiency

This white paper explores using flow meters to optimize combustion efficiency to save energy and reduce pollutants.

Measure Flare Gas Flare Gas Measurement

This white paper investigates gas flaring and overcoming measurement challenges using thermal mass flow mass meters.

Flare Gas Quad O

This paper supplements an earlier technical paper on flare gas measurement and addresses Quad O deadline for storage vessels.

Basics of Thermal Mass Flow Measurement Fundamentals

Why mass flow? What is the difference between ACFM and SCFM? Why does thermal not require pressure and temperature correction?

Greenhouse Gas Emission Monitoring

Explore GHG emissions monitoring using thermal mass flow meters in applications of biogas, landfill gas, digester gas and flare gas.

ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems ISO 50001 Energy Management

This white paper reveals how measuring and monitoring natural gas and compressed air improve energy efficiency.

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Application Briefs

Aeration Airflow Aeration Airflow

Learn why the thermal mass flow meter is the preferred meter for measuring wastewater aeration airflow and excels over orifice plates and vortex shedding.

Digester Gas

Anaerobic digestion at wastewater treatment plants produces digester gas, a methane-rich byproduct and renewable energy source.

combustion control Ethanol Production

Thermal mass flow meters are ideal for the measurement of natural gas flow during ethanol production for GHG emissions analysis.

Landfill Gas

There is a need for the accurate measurement of landfill gas flow in waste-to-energy projects and GHG emissions reporting.

Compressor Station Gas Flow Control Applications Natural Gas Compressor

Investigate natural gas flow measurement at the compressor station, including fuel gas, blowdown and leakage at the dry gas seals.

Natural Gas Distribution

Examine measuring natural gas in non-custody transfer distribution systems applications, such as natural gas flow monitoring.

Flare Gas and 40 CFR 60 Quad O: Storage Vessels Nitrogen Blanketing

Consider nitrogen blanketing, a process of introducing an inert gas, to a storage tank to offset the effects of oxygen on the storage material.