This post serves as an online resource to address the use of the Sage Dongle, which permits users to change the configuration of the Sage Prime while in the field, even without MODBUS capability.

Sage Prime Dongle

Post update: With the introduction of the Paramount and SageCom, the Sage Dongle is only used as an emergency solution as our improved software now handles its functionality.

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Users can change virtually any Sage Prime thermal mass flow meter setting with MODBUS® capability via terminals C1, C2, and C3 (refer to the wiring illustrations). However, Sage recognizes that not all customers can communicate with Prime using MODBUS compliant RS485 communications. For this reason, Sage offers a patent-pending Sage Dongle, which permits users not to use a MODBUS host to change configurations in the field.

Wiring Diagrams for Sage Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Sage Metering developed the Prime Dongle to simplify making fundamental changes to the Sage Prime settings while in the field. Contact our Sage Service Department to discuss your requirements (such as the new full scale, new pipe area, etc.), and a device will be programmed and shipped to you (a small fee for this service applies). The Sage Dongle can also be configured as a reset totalizer device (i.e., it can be used repeatedly with any Sage Prime to reset the totalizer). The user can also program the Sage Dongle to change engineering units, filter response, and numerous other parameters.

Sage Dongles come with a convenient well-marked cable that connects to the RS485 terminals.

    1. Disconnect the power.
    2. Remove the back cover and attach the Dongle wires to terminals C1, C2 & C3.
    3. As soon as you power up the meter, push the button on the Dongle within the first 10 seconds. An LED will light, and within three seconds, it will go out, signaling the data transfer is complete. (1)
    4. Remove the Sage Dongle, and close the cover.

Note that the new settings have been uploaded (or in the case of a totalizer-reset dongle, you will see that the totalizer has zeroed).

(1) If the light does not go out, you will need to repeat the procedure. Remove your finger for a few seconds, and then push the button again.

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Image by Esa Riutta from Pixabay