There is a simple way to determine if your Sage thermal mass flow meter remains calibrated.

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Is my thermal mass flow meter still calibrated?

The Sage Prime flow meter has continuous diagnostics, and the raw calibration milliwatt reading (mW) always displays in the upper left-hand corner of the meter’s face. The user can determine if the meter is still calibrated by comparing the raw calibration reading at a “no-flow” to the original “zero flow” value. This value is on the last few lines of the meter’s Certificate of Conformance or the meter’s data tag.

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If the two readings match, the meter is in calibration.

For more detailed information, review the In-Situ Calibration Check.

How do I know if the flow meter sensor is clean without looking at it?

If you have determined that your meter is in calibration (above) by matching the values, the sensor is clean. This simple comparison confirms that the sensor is free from contamination without physically inspecting it. It also validates that there is also no shift or drift.

If your readings do not match, clean the sensor, then check again.

My Sage flow meter was damaged in shipment.

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