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NEW Sage Rio

ATEX Zone 1 Approved TMFM

Introducing the Sage Rio ATEX Zone 1 Approved Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter. The Heavy Industrial Rio has a T6 rating and features our award winning In-Situ Calibration check


Sage Prime

Premier Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Sage Prime™ is our most popular Natural Gas Flow Meter preferred by our Industrial, Environmental and Commercial customers for a variety of applications



Environmental Challenges

Sage Thermal Mass Flow Meters are a critical tool in helping address the planet’s environmental challenges, and have been employed in a variety of applications


Energy Reduction

Reduce Costs

The Sage NIST Traceable Natural Gas Flow Meter will help increase productivity, reduce energy costs, and maximize product yields. Contact us today and let us show you how



Sage Thermal Mass Flowmeters/ Since 2002

Sage Metering is an innovative manufacturer of the high-performance natural gas flow meter and thermal mass flow meters for gas flow measurement. The company has brought to market the first thermal mass flow meter to utilize graphical displays, a hybrid digitally driven circuit and the industry’s first in-situ calibration verification system. These state-of-the-art award–winning features deliver the highest performance, reliability and confidence for any thermal flow meter user.

At a single glance, the high contrast graphical display provides flow rate, temperature, total flow, a bar graph, and diagnostic information. The innovative digitally-driven circuit eliminates the traditional drift-prone analog Wheatstone bridge utilized by our competition.

This advancement in circuit design improves stability by eliminating long-term drift and provides for a reproducible zero flow data point.

The reproducible zero flow data flow point enables the user to perform a simple single-point in-situ calibration verification procedure, which verifies that the flow meter continues to operate within the accuracy specifications of the original NIST traceable calibration.

This simple, and unique to Sage Metering procedure, can be performed without interrupting the process and does not require removal of the flow instrument from the pipe or any additional hardware.

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  • Best of all, once the reading is taken and logged into the Prism's memory, the probe is removed from the access port - there is no flow restriction, and the probe isn't exposed long term to potentially corrosive trace gases and humidity
    David Kaminski, QED Environmental Systems
  • I am very grateful for the support I receive from Sage factory personnel on the Sage Prime TMFMs for Carbon Credit flow verification
    Titus Steiner, Gen-tec
  • Your products have been incredibly reliable for the past 5 years, not something that's common in the industry [Bio Gas] we are in."
    Perry Scofield, Installation Manager, Avatar Energy