Sage Paramount Industrial Mass Flow Meter

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The Paramount™ thermal mass flow meter for industrial applications is Sage’s newest model and uses the latest technology. The meter features the Sage Prime’s display, and circuitry, with a NEMA 4X (versus a NEMA 4) enclosure which safeguards the meter against harsh environmental elements and provides additional corrosion protection.

The rear compartment of the display is entirely separate from the electronics and has larger well-marked terminals that are easy-to-access. It also features a mini USB port which permits the user to quickly reconfigure the meter in the field while using our SageCom™ software (included at no additional cost). The meter powers with 24 VDC (optional 115/230 VAC).

Like the Prime, the Paramount’s display is bright, has a high-contrast photo-emissive OLED (Organic LED) demonstrating flow rate, total and temperature. Additionally, the flow rate displays in a horizontal bar graph. The Paramount thermal mass flow meter is available in an integral (Model 401) or remote style (Model 402). The remote-style meter has lead-length compensation up to 1000 feet and an explosion-proof junction box.

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