Super Simple Download page for Sage Addresser and SageCom Programs for Windows

Sage Addresser

The Sage Addresser Download contains 3 sections First download and print the Addresser Procedure It contains Addresser installation instructions as well as instructions for the ULinx RS485 USB Adapter installation. Read pages 3 – 5 before downloading the Second download and extract the files of the Then, follow the instructions of the Addresser Procedure. Third download and extract the files of the Follow the Addresser Procedure instructions on page 6 for ULinx installation and continue reading for connections and Addresser operation instructions.

Sage Addresser Downloads


Contact Sage for SageCom software We no longer support the Sage Insight program and have replaced it with the much improved SageCom software to be released by April 2019,


Be sure to open the Read-me.txt file and follow it with care. Richard will give more instructions soon!

Sage BACnet