SageCom Zip File <—– This link will down load SageCom

Windows 10 If you are using a Paramount with a USB, the USB
driver is built in and SageCom is ready to use

Windows 7 If you are using a Paramount, a USB driver must
be added by following the directions below.

  • Sage USB.inf FIle- Driver Instructions for Windows 7
    Follow the instructions below to install the USB.inf file above
  • 1) Copy the following path: C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS
  • 2) Right Click on this hyperlink for the Windows 7 Driver —> usbser.sys
  • 3) Now left click on “Save link as…”
  • 4) In the window that opens up, click on the right side of the Address Bar, it will turn blue
  • 5) Paste in the path that you copied in step 1)
  • 6) Hit Save
  • 7) The Driver is now ready to use
    You are ready to download and unzip the Zip file below.

SageCom Zip File

Sage BACnet