Sage Prime and Paramount are both premium thermal mass flow meters that measure gas mass flow in industrial, commercial, and environmental applications. There are many similarities between the two meters, and this post identifies the differences to help guide which meter to purchase.

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What are the main differences between the Sage Paramount and Prime Thermal Flow Meter?

Faster response to Temperature Fluctuations

sage paramount terminalThe Paramount uses updated microprocessor technology and responds faster to temperature fluctuations than the Prime.

Additional Communication Channel

  • The Paramount has an additional communication channel (mini‐USB port with cable) in the rear terminal enclosure. The port provides easy access for the meter and PC to connect to run the SageCom Software. There is no need for an RS485 to USB converter.
  • The extra communication channel in the Paramount allows users to change settings, validate the meter, or log data (with SageCom) without disconnecting the meter from the network. Therefore, a network trunk with many meters can run Modbus (or BACnet or HART) to a PLC, building management system, or SCADA system. The meters do not have to go offline when modifying or validating a meter.

Only Available with the Paramount

  • Class 1 Div 1 – The Prime has a NEMA 4 enclosure and Cl I Div 2 rating, while the Paramount has an explosion-proof NEMA 4X enclosure with Cl I Div 2 (standard) and optional Cl I Div 1 approval (Groups B, C, D, T4).
  • HART Communication Protocol – The Paramount offers the option for HART Communication Protocol.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – The Paramount offers the option of Bluetooth connectivity between the meter and SageCom.
  • Ethernet –  The Paramount offers the option of either Modbus/TCP or Ethernet/IP]

Improved Terminal Enclosure

  • The Paramount has silk-screened wiring labels within the terminal enclosure, permitting easy identification.
  • The Paramount has a separate AC voltage strip within the terminal enclosure to avoid confusion with the 24 VDC terminal strip.
  • The Paramount terminal enclosure has a 3‐position switch allowing internal or external isolated power to the 4‐20 mA or non‐isolated power.
  • The Paramount terminal enclosure includes a power switch so technicians can service the meter without discontinuing external power.

SageCom Free with Paramount Meter

The Paramount includes the SageCom Validation and Configuration Software, providing reports for three diagnostic tests (including In‐Situ Validation), data logging, loop checks, the ability to change the gas mix, and meter configurations.

The Paramount (401) is only $400 more than the Prime (SIP) and includes the SageCom innovative software. SageCom can be purchased with Prime for $300.

Which meter is right for you?

While not all applications need the advanced features of the Paramount, the Paramount is the Sage model offering the most advanced features and the best option for future expansion.

The following meter comparison includes the 200/300, Sage’s most economical models (300 in the USA and 200 for International use) that offer the same accuracy, repeatability, low-end sensitivity, response time, turndown, and resolution as the Prime with limited options.

meter comparison chart