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Three First-to-Market Meter Breakthroughs

Since 2002, Sage Metering has introduced innovative gas flow technology providing solutions for clients to meet regulations, save money, reduce energy costs, increase product yields and tackle environmental issues. We are the pioneer of key technological breakthroughs for gas mass flow meters.

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Sage offers the first thermal mass flow meter with the option of Bluetooth® for wireless connectivity, which permits remote programming of integral-style meters. This feature is exceptionally beneficial for changing the settings of hard-to-reach integral-style meters.

  • Change meter settings from PC 50+ feet away
  • Remote communication with hard-to-reach meters
  • First Bluetooth thermal mass flow meter


bluetooth wireless flow meter
digital hybrid bridge

2. digital hybrid bridge

In 2003, Sage introduced using the first hybrid-digital bridge circuit rather than using the traditional Wheatstone bridge in a thermal mass flow meter. This technological breakthrough provided a quantum leap in flow meter performance, with no drift, improved resolution, and long-term reproducibility.

  • Improved performance
  • No drift
  • Improved resolution and reproducibility



Sage introduced the first easy-to-use on-site calibration verification. By verifying that the meter remains in calibration while in the field, it meets EPA regulations for greenhouse gas reporting and quantifying carbon credits protocols. Additionally, on-site calibration verification saves the users time and money by not having to remove the meter and return it for annual calibrations.

  • Permits use in GHG reporting
  • Permits use in carbon credit protocols
  • Saves time and money from annual calibrations

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If you’re seeking a gas mass flow meter for your application, talk to the experts at Sage Metering. For over twenty years, Sage has demonstrated ingenuity and consistency in delivering high-performance products with relevant features.

Although we typically ship our meters within two weeks of order receipt, there may be exceptions for meters made with non-standard materials.