3 Things to Consider When Selecting a Gas Flow Meter

Since 2002, we have introduced innovative gas flow technology providing solutions for clients to meet regulations, save money, reduce energy costs, increase product yields and tackle environmental issues. Our meters excel in performance, repeatability, and reproducibility.

1. Performance

How close does your flow meter register the actual value?

Sage Meters:

  • Flow Accuracy +/-0.5% of Full Scale +/-1% of Reading
  • Turndown Ratio: > 100:1
  • Resolution: 1000:1
  • Calibrates 165 Flow Points with Actual Gas*

2. Repeatability

Repeatability quantifies the difference in measurements taken by an instrument under the same conditions. It describes how well the meter reproduces the result in unchanged conditions. Repeatability is more important than accuracy in many applications and indicates whether a device is a precision instrument.

Sage Meters:

  • Flow repeatability: 0.2%
  • In-situ calibration verification feature verifies no drift

3. Reproducibility

Reproducibility is a meter’s ability to reproduce the exact measurement over a set of changing conditions. The most common changes include different locations, operators, and measuring systems. Although most specify repeatability, both are important in typical applications and an indicator of precision.

  • Low electric draw (2.5 W) means a cool meter to ensure long-term consistent performance

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*0.5% of reading NIST Standards