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Natural Gas Flowmeter
Flow Monitoring

Sage Prime Natural Gas Flow Meter Sage Metering is the manufacturer of the Sage Prime, a high-performance natural gas flow meter. Sage introduced the first thermal mass flow meter that uses graphical displays, a hybrid digitally driven circuit and the […] Read More

The Most Energy Efficient Thermal Mass Flow Meter
The Sage Choice: The Most Energy Efficient Thermal Flow Meter

Thermal mass flow meters are used to identify areas to save energy. Did you know that Sage meters use a fraction of the energy to operate over other manufacturers’ thermal meters? In fact, Sage meters are the most energy efficient thermal mass flow met […] Read More

Natural Gas Flow Measurement
Flow Monitoring

Thermal mass flow meters excel in energy conservation applications involving natural gas flow measurement and monitoring, including: building management systems, combustion control and submetering natural gas. Natural Gas Submetering With a goal for en […] Read More

We Are Thermal Mass Flow Meter Experts
Air Separation Gases: Industrial Oxygen and Nitrogen

The pair of sensors are in contact with the gas. We are thermal mass flow meter experts. Sage Metering provides solutions for measuring gas mass flow in many applications. Our high performance, NIST Traceable, thermal flow meters increase productivity […] Read More

Natural Gas Measurement
Natural Gas Measurement

Natural gas measurement is an area that Sage Thermal Mass Flow Meters excel in. There are various applications where natural gas flow rate needs to be determined, and among these applications include combustion control, submetering, reporting greenhous […] Read More

Flow Profile and Flow Conditioner
What is flow conditioning? What is a Flow Profile?

When there are obstructions in a pipe and there is insufficient straight run to deliver a fully developed flow profile to the thermal flow meter, a flow conditioner can recreate an optimum profile. A flow meter’s performance is dependent upon the flow […] Read More

Facilities Management and Energy Management
Thermal flow meters excel in greenhouse gas monitoring

Thermal mass flow meters play an integral role in facilities management, and significantly reduce energy consumption through natural gas submetering, and measuring and monitoring compressed air systems. Energy Management Reducing energy consumption is […] Read More

Compressed Air Flow Measurement
Compressed Air Flow Measurement

Compressed air flow measurement systems using air flow meters is becoming recognized as a reliable method to identify air leaks which significantly saves on compressed air cost money and conserves energy. Compressed Air Flow Compressed air flow measure […] Read More

On Site Calibration Verification
RMA number to return my Sage mass flow meter for service?

Instrument Calibration Instrument calibration is essential to ensure the accuracy of any thermal mass flow meter. The calibration establishes the relationship between heat transfer and the mass flow rate. During the manufacturing, the Sage flow meter i […] Read More

LEED Building and Natural Gas Submetering

What is a LEED Certified Building? LEED is Leadership in Energy and Environment Design, it’s a program which verifies a build is certified “green.”  To be a LEED certified building means the structure meets specifications related to LEED design, constr […] Read More

ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard
Sage Flow Meter Manual for all Popular Models

What is ISO 50001 ISO 50001 (or ISO 50001:2011) is the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) energy management systems specifications which was released in 2011. Best Practices for Energy Management ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard […] Read More

U.S. Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007
Thermal Mass Flow Meter Manufacturer History

Energy Independence and Security Act The U.S. Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, associated with the National Conservation Policy Act, is an initiative mainly consisting of provisions that are designed to increase energy efficiency and avail […] Read More

Air Flow Meter for Aeration Flow
Measure Chlorine Gas Flow at Water Treatment Plant

At wastewater treatment plants an air flow meter may be used to measure airflow to deliver optimum flow which saves money in the process of breaking down sewage. At wastewater treatment plants an air flow meter may be used to measure airflow to deliver […] Read More