Product Literature and User Manuals

Sage General BrochureGeneral Brochure
Application/Order FormApplication/Order Form
User Manual - ParamountParamount Manual
User Manual - PrimePrime Manual
User Manual - Model 200 & Model 300200/300 Manual
NIST-Traceable Calibration Facility FlyerCalibration Facility Flyer
In-Situ Calibration CheckIn-Situ Calibration

Meter-Specific Downloads

Here you will find the links to download Sage Metering flyers/brochures, datasheets, specifications, and user manuals for our thermal mass flow meters and software.
Sage ModelsSage ParamountSage PrimeSage Prime HVACSage 200/300SageCom Software

Product Flyer/BrochureParamountPrimePrime HVAC200/300SageCom
User ManualParamount ManualPrime Manual200/300Quick Instruction Guide
Wiring Instructions Prime Wiring Instructions
Datasheets Integral In-lineParamount 401 In-linePrime SIP In-line200 Integral In-line
Datasheets Remote In-LineParamount Remote In-linePrime SRP In-Line
Datasheets Integral InsertionParamount 401 Insertion Prime SIP Insertion200 Integral Insertion
Datasheets Remote InsertionParamount Remote InsertionPrime SRP Insertion200 Remote Insertion
Dimensional DrawingsPrime Drawings
Product Specifications Prime Specs