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Ethanol Production and GHG Reporting
combustion control

The use of thermal mass flow meters provides accurate and reliable measurement of natural gas flow versus other conventional measurement options during ethanol production and GHG emissions reporting. Ethanol Fuel Download this application brief. Ethano […] Read More

Air Flow Meters for Industrial Applications
atmosphere or air composition

There are many reasons to measure air flow. This technical note explores the use of air flow meters to measure combustion air to boiler fuel (to assure the proper ratio of fuel to air), as well as monitoring the compressed air in various industries and […] Read More

Natural Gas Compressor Station Flow Control

Whether measuring natural gas to fuel the compressor at a compressor station, measure flow at its dry gas seals or measure blowdown amounts, the thermal mass flow meter provides cost-efficient and accurate measurement solutions. Download this Applicati […] Read More

Wastewater Treatment Plants and Aeration Airflow
Aeration Airflow at Wastewater Treatment Plants

What is Aeration Flow? At wastewater treatment facilities, aeration is used to introduce air into the wastewater to create an environment that promotes the growth of microorganisms to decompose the organic waste. The oxygen feeds or nourishes microorga […] Read More

Nitrogen Blanketing for Storage Tanks
Tank Blanketing flowmeter

NOTE: The following is a technical note on the use of thermal mass flow meters in nitrogen blanketing. Sage Metering is the manufacturer of the Sage mass flow meter and does not produce entire blanketing systems. Many industries store liquids, gases an […] Read More

Natural Gas Distribution (Non-Custody Transfer Applications)
Natural Gas Distribution

A thermal mass flow meter is ideal for natural gas distribution measurement in non-custody transfer applications, such as natural gas flow monitoring. They also can be used to help avoid pipeline bottlenecks and future planning, by measuring real-time […] Read More

Wastewater Digester Gas at Wastewater Treatment Plant
Wastewater Digester Gas at WW Treatment Plant as Energy Source

Anaerobic digestion at wastewater treatment plants produces wastewater digester gas. This methane-rich byproduct can be used as an energy source. Wastewater Digester Download this Application Brief In large wastewater treatment plants, anaerobic digest […] Read More

Landfill Gas Flow Monitoring and Flaring
Landfill Gas Monitoring, Recovery, and Flaring

Accurate measurement of landfill gas flow throughout the system is needed, whether the objective is landfill gas to energy projects, monitor the process for optimization or GHG emissions reporting. What is a Landfill? A landfill is a terrain that has b […] Read More