Sage Metering manufactures accurate and reliable thermal mass flow meters that measure gas mass flow. These instruments excel in many applications and provide solutions across several industries. Here is a list of the major sectors we serve.

midstream-tnMidstream Oil and Gas

Many processes are integrated into crude oil refining and natural gas processing and require the need for accurate gas measurement. Thermal mass flow meters are an excellent choice for measuring air and gas flows to various process units.


upstream-tnUpstream  Oil and Gas

The upstream oil and gas sector faces challenging EPA regulations due to the growing greenhouse gas concerns. Rules governing several areas the industry need GHG emissions reduction and reporting. The regulations often require the use of vapor recovery units or combustion devices. Thermal mass flow meters measure gas to flares (or VRUs) assisting with EPA GHG Reporting requirements.


sewage-treatment-plant-tnWastewater Treatment

At wastewater treatment plants thermal mass flow meters serve in improving the efficiency of the operation. The flow meters play key roles in various stages of the process, including aeration air, digester gas as well as odor control systems.



Natural gas, oxygen, argon, and nitrogen are used steel production. Thermal mass flow meters submeter these gases for cost allocation or to study gas consumption. Additionally, since the level of the gas affects the steel quality, a thermal mass flow meter can measure the gas flow to ensure the optimum levels.