On this page, you will find an assortment of videos answering frequently asked questions pertaining to thermal mass flow measurement and Sage Metering.

Video FAQ Index

Sage Thermal Mass Flow Meter
Have a question about a thermal mass flow meter? Call us at 866-677-7243.

What are the features of the Paramount flow meter?

Here is a 10-minute demonstration on the Sage Paramount Industrial Thermal Flow Meter.

What are the features and benefits of the Sage Prime Thermal Flow Meter?

In this video, Bob Steinberg shares that Sage Metering has introduced some groundbreaking technology, including being the first hybrid digital bridge circuit which provides a significant leap forward in performance. It also was the first to present a reliable and easy in-situ calibration verification method.

What is the best thermal mass flow meter in-situ calibration verification?

This video reveals how the Sage Metering In-Situ Calibration Verification validates that the meter is accurate and that the sensor and transmitter are functioning correctly. It also shows that the method is performed right in the pipe, quickly and easily without the purchase of expensive equipment.

SageCom Instructional Video

Here is a 15-minute instructional video for the SageCom Validation and Configuration Software. The SageCom™ is the software program that gives the user testing, diagnostics, performance verification, and local configuration capabilities Sage thermal mass flow meters.

Why measure mass flow over volumetric flow?”

In this video, Bob Steinberg explains when you would want to measure the mass flow rate rather than the volumetric flow rate.

What are thermal mass flow meter theory and working principle?

In this video, Bob Steinberg shares the thermal flow meter working principle and theory.

What is a thermal mass flow meter?

This video explains that a thermal mass flow meter is a device that directly measures the gas mass flow based on the principle of conductive and convective heat transfer from a heated sensor.

What are the benefits of Sage Metering thermal mass flow meters over other manufacturers?

In this video, Bob Steinberg explains the benefits of the Sage thermal mass flowmeter versus other manufacturers.

How do I wire a Sage Prime flow meter for a pulsed output?

This video demonstrates the wiring instructions of the AC/DC powered Sage Prime thermal mass meter to generate a pulsed output. For further information refer to the manual.

How do I wire a DC powered Sage Prime flow meter with a 4-20mA output?

To wire, a DC-powered Sage Prime thermal flowmeter for a 4-20 mA output see the diagram of the Integral (Series SIP) inside cover. You may also see the wiring on page 10 of the user manual.

How do I wire an internally powered Sage thermal mass flow meter with a 4-20mA output?

In this video, learn how to wire an internally powered Sage Prime for a 4-20 mA output. See wiring on page 10 of the manual.

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