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We have received your request for information about how our Thermal Mass Flow Meters can provide a solution for one or more applications. At Sage Metering, we manufacture Mass Flow Meters for virtually any application, including: Environmental, Industrial, Energy and Application by Gas Type.

Whether you are looking for a mass flow meter for environmental or industrial uses, or for another application, we have a team of Factory Experts and Factory Authorized Sales Representatives available to answer all your questions. I have included a list of the representatives in your area below, as well as our Factory Experts, to help simplify this process.

Last but not least, you will be contacted by one of our factory experts by email, usually within 24 hours, to answer your questions about our products and applications. We will contact you as follows: error! email not received. Please contact us.


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Factory Experts

Still have questions? We have factory experts available to help you with your specific application. Contact us today for help: Steve Mortensen 831-242-2030 866-677-7243