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Natural Gas Application Guide

Sage Metering is the manufacturer of the Sage Prime, a high-performance natural gas flow meter. Sage introduced the first thermal mass flow meter that uses graphical displays, a hybrid digitally driven circuit, and the industry’s first in-situ calibration verification procedure. These innovative, award-winning features provide the highest performance, reliability, and confidence for any thermal flow meter user.

Sage thermal mass flow meters excel in energy conservation and industrial applications involving natural gas flow measurement and monitoring, including building management systems, combustion control, and submetering natural gas.



The Sage flow meter excels in measurement for applications in building management systems, combustion control and submetering.
The Sage natural gas flowmeter excels in natural gas flow measurement for applications in building management systems, combustion control, and submetering.

With the goal of reducing energy consumption, as well as the pressure to reduce emissions by regulators, it is necessary to monitor natural gas mass flow rate and consumption at different zones within industrial facilities. Monitoring helps determine process efficiencies, identifies unusual consumption points, promotes conservation, and provides a way for cost allocation to various operating areas. Also, submetering helps ascertain the aging of process equipment and can identify potential leaks in fuel feed lines. Common applications for natural gas submetering can be found in glass manufacturing, textile, automotive, aluminum & steel, and food & beverage industries.


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Combustion Control

A significant way to reduce energy consumption in a manufacturing environment is to optimize the combustion control on industrial boilers, steam generators, furnaces, ovens, smelters, and process heaters. Combustion efficiency and energy management are achieved through accurate and repeatable measurement of gases.

By monitoring air and fuel rates to the burners, optimal air-to-fuel ratios can be achieved. This can result in significant fuel gas cost reductions, improved process efficiency, enhanced product quality, better yields; while simultaneously lower combustibles. Many local and statewide jurisdictions have environmental regulations requiring natural gas flowmeters on medium and large heating units to measure plant-wide emissions. Common applications for combustion control monitoring are found in a variety of industries including textile, glass manufacturing, automotive, aluminum & steel, food & beverage, pulp & paper, power, chemical, and refining. Read more on Combustion Control.

ISO 50001 energy management standard
ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard defines best practices, and the use of thermal flow mass meters can ascertain gas flow rates to comply with recommended practices.

Building Management Systems

Reducing energy consumption is a constant desire for facilities management or energy management in any industrial or commercial operation. Programs such as EPA Energy Star and LEED are leading the way in green building programs. All of these programs use a continual evaluation and improvement in energy conservation. This is accomplished by conducting energy audits, followed by identifying and then implementing energy efficiency measures.

Sage Thermal Flow Meters play a key role in performing energy audits of natural gas flow and compressed airflow. One of the most common applications for Sage flow meters is natural gas flow measurement for different combustion sources. By analyzing the natural gas consumption of different combustion sources, the site can determine the relative effectiveness of various operations. This same usage information also serves as a baseline to determine efficiency improvements, when burner modifications or improvements are needed.

The Sage Choice

At a single glance, the Sage flow meter has a high contrast graphical display providing flow rate, temperature, total flow, a bar graph, and diagnostic information. The innovative digitally-driven circuit eliminates the traditional drift-prone analog Wheatstone bridge utilized by our competition.

This advancement in circuit design improves reliability by eliminating long-term drift and provides a reproducible zero flow data point.

The reproducible zero flow data point enables the user to perform a simple single-point in-situ calibration verification procedure, which verifies that the flow meter continues to operate within the accuracy specifications of the original NIST-traceable calibration.

This simple and unique Sage Metering system can be performed without interrupting the process and does not require removal of the instrument from the pipe or any other hardware.



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