Ethanol is an organic compound, an alcohol with the chemical formula C₂H₆O. Its formula can also be CH₃−CH₂−OH or C₂H₅OH. Ethanol is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid with a characteristic wine-like odor and a pungent taste.

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Ethanol Distillation & Refining

Ethanol production is a complex process involving both fermentation tanks and distillation tanks. Thermal mass flow meters measure air flow and fuel going into the distillation tanks to improve the air-fuel ratio. Better combustion control improves boiler efficiency and helps reduce emissions. Thermal mass flow meters measure the CO2 leaving fermentation tanks, which is essential in assessing process inefficiencies or meeting requirements for Environmental compliance.
ethanol manufacturing

Sage insertion-style thermal mass flow meters are easy to install in existing boiler lines. The Sage flow meters have negligible pressure drop and can handle very low flows, such as vent gases from the process. Their wide turndown and fast response to flow changes provide an ideal solution to help optimize the combustion efficiency associated with the distillation process.

Thermal mass flow meters provide accurate and reliable measurement of natural gas flow versus other conventional measurement options during ethanol production and GHG emissions reporting. Learn more >

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