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5 Takeaways of the EPA Methane Emissions Final Rule

Recently, the EPA announced a final rule impacting the oil and gas industry to decrease [...]

NEW Ethernet and Bluetooth Options

The Sage Paramount thermal mass flow meter is now available with Ethernet and Bluetooth options. [...]

Flow Meter Comparison: Sage Paramount vs. Prime

Sage Prime and Paramount are both premium thermal mass flow meters that measure gas mass [...]

4 Ways to Access Thermal Mass Flow Meter Diagnostics

A recent article by Bob Steinberg, Sage Metering President and CEO, reveals that accessing flow [...]

Former Badger Meter Sales Executive Chooses Sage Metering

Sage Metering is pleased to announce that Fred Whorff has joined Sage as its new [...]

Aluminum Fabricator Benefits from Flow Meter with Bluetooth

In a recent case study, an aluminum fabricator benefited from using a thermal mass flow [...]

Bob Steinberg—Entrepreneur, Engineer, and Kind Man

We are excited that Bob Steinberg, Sage Metering President, and CEO, was recognized and selected [...]

Industry Pioneer Celebrates 20 Years

Sage Metering, the manufacturer of high-performance thermal mass flow meters, celebrates its 20th year in [...]

2022 Innovation Awards Honoree

For over 20 years, P.I. Process Instrumentation has recognized the latest innovations and technology breakthroughs [...]

Thermal Mass Flow Meters Q&A

The following is a Q&A on frequently asked questions regarding thermal mass flow meters. Here, [...]

4 Challenges (with Solutions) of Flare Gas Metering

Between focusing on reducing methane emissions and natural gas prices reaching historical prices, capturing and [...]

Overcoming 9 Thermal Mass Flow Meter Limitations

The thermal mass flow meter is a widely accepted instrument that measures gas mass flow. [...]

Bob Steinberg of Sage Metering Featured in Monterey Herald

The Monterey Herald recently featured Bob Steinberg, the president and founder of Sage Metering, in [...]

Inline Flowmeter vs. Insertion Flow Meter

What are the benefits of the inline flow meter vs. the insertion flow meter? How [...]

Methane Pledge to Cut Emissions of Greenhouse Gases by 2030

On the heels of the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference, P.I. Process Instrumentation magazine features [...]

Mechanical Design Engineer Position

Sage Metering has an opening for a mechanical design engineer to lead its Engineering group [...]

Four Ways Thermal Mass Flow Meters Can Save Natural Gas

Natural gas prices may be the highest in 13 years this winter. Here are four [...]

Updated Sage Thermal Mass Flow Meter User Manuals

Sage Metering has recently updated its Prime, Paramount, and 200/300 Series thermal mass flow meter [...]

6 Thermal Mass flow Meter Applications in Pharma and Biotech

Thermal mass flow meters support the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in six applications, including measuring [...]

An Industry Guide for the Use of Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Sage Metering is happy to announce the release of our eBook “An Industry Guide for [...]

Tank Blanketing, Dryer Air Flow, Measuring Carbon Dioxide, Compressed Air

Food and beverage manufacturers use boilers, ovens, furnaces, and much natural gas to process and [...]

Paramount Now Available as Explosion Proof Flow Meter (Div 1)

The Sage Paramount thermal mass flow meter is now available with an optional Class I [...]

Air Mass Flowmeter New Application Brief

Sage Metering explores using the Sage Prime air mass flow meters to measure air flow [...]

9 Thermal Mass Flow Meter Advantages

Flow Control Magazine published Bob Steinberg’s article “Specifying a thermal mass flowmeter for gases,” stating [...]

Gary Russell – Promoted to VP of Operations and Engineering

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Gary Russell to the Vice President of [...]

Welcome Bob Pavao as Production Control Manager

We are pleased to announce the hiring of Bob Pavao as our Production Control Manager, [...]

10-Minute Video Demo | Sage Paramount Industrial Flow Meter

Here is a 10-minute video demonstration of the Sage Paramount industrial thermal flow meter to [...]

Tutorial for SageCom Validation and Configuration Software

Here is a 15-minute instructional video to quickly familiarize yourself with the innovative features of [...]

2019 Flow Control Innovation Awards Nominee

We are thrilled to announce that the Sage Paramount, our new industrial thermal mass flow [...]

Correction Factors for Biogas Variation From Original Calibration

Given that biogas composition may change from time to time, and thermal mass flow meters [...]