Sage Metering, the manufacturer of high-performance thermal mass flow meters, celebrates its 20th year in business. Over the years, Sage has made significant contributions to the industry through its ingenuity, has stayed ahead of the curve, and has become the one to watch.

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Against the Odds

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), only 25% of new businesses survive past the 15-year mark. Over the years, Sage has not only survived but also thrived and prospered against the odds and is recognized today as a leading manufacturer of mass flow meters. With a kickstart at its launch 20 years ago, Sage Metering swiftly revolutionized the use of thermal mass flow meters in expanding markets.

Thermal Mass Flow Meter Industry Contributions

In 2003, Sage introduced using the first hybrid-digital bridge circuit rather than using the traditional Wheatstone bridge in a thermal mass flow meter. This technological breakthrough provided a quantum leap in flow meter performance, with no drift, improved resolution, and long-term reproducibility.

Then Sage swiftly introduced the first easy-to-use on-site calibration verification method. This advance opened new markets for thermal flow meters. With users being able to verify that the meter remains in calibration, the meter could now be used in environmental applications for greenhouse gas reporting per EPA regulations and quantifying carbon credits per U.S. carbon credit protocols. In addition to expanding markets, the calibration method saves the users time and money by not having to remove the meter and return it for annual calibrations.

A Manufacturer Staying Ahead of the Curve

While competitive companies have followed with calibration verification lookalikes, Sage was the first on the market and, because of its patented approach, still offers the easiest way to verify that the meter is not only in calibration but also that the sensor is clean and working within specification.

For the last 20 years, Sage Metering has been an industry pioneer, leading the way with its innovations. Over the years, Sage has been recognized for its advancements by winning three Innovation Awards. These awards were from innovations such as the in-situ calibration, a portable thermal mass flow meter, and offering a meter with multiple gas calibrations.

The thermal mass flow meter market is relatively young, with Fluid Components, Sierra Instruments, and Kurz instruments first on the scene with industrial thermal mass meters in the 1970s. Other thermal mass flow meter manufacturers include Eldridge Products and Fox Thermal Instruments. Additionally, manufacturers of different flowmeter types entered the market over the years, such as Endress+Hauser, ABB, and Magnetrol.

Management Team

bob steinberg
Bob Steinberg at a recent anniversary celebration addressing his team.

Under the Sage Metering management team, the company is in good hands, with Bob Steinberg at the helm as President and CEO, Gary Russell as Vice President of Operations and Engineering, and David Huey as the Chief Financial Officer.