A thermal mass flow meter can be a gas sub-meter performing natural gas submetering at an industrial site for cost allocation and energy conservation.

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What is Submetering?

Sub-Metering Natural Gas
Sub-metering natural gas and monitoring natural gas flow rate and consumption at individual zones using thermal mass flow meters is recognized as a proven method to conserve energy.

Due to environmental pressure to reduce emissions, monitoring natural gas mass flow rate and consumption in individual zones is crucial to reducing energy. Monitoring helps assess process efficiencies, identify unusual consumption points, promote conservation, and provide a means for cost allocation to various operating areas. Also, submetering helps diagnose the aging process equipment and identify possible leaks in fuel feed lines.

ISO 50001, Energy Management and Natural Gas Submetering

The Plant Manager, Maintenance Manager, Six Sigma Manager, or Results Engineer benefit from the information available to them from appropriate natural gas instrumentation. Furthermore, ISO 50001 standards define the best practice for energy management, and sub-metering will play a significant role. Natural gas sub-metering is in various industries, including textile, glass manufacturing, automotive, aluminum & steel, food & beverage.

Gas Submeter

Many plants use multiple meters throughout a facility to evaluate plant efficiency. By sub-metering, facility managers can determine precisely how much natural gas each department uses, allowing them to assign costs more accurately.

Mass Flow Measurement

Natural Gas Application Guide

Sage Metering provides both easy-to-install insertion thermal mass flow meters and in-line thermal flow meters, with built-in flow conditioners that measure and report the mass flow rate of natural gas in each gas line. These direct mass flow meters do not require separate temperature or pressure transmitters, have no moving parts, are highly accurate and repeatable, and have a negligible pressure drop. Most importantly, the Sage Thermal Mass Flow Meters have extraordinary rangeability, of at least 100 to 1, with resolution as much as 1000 to 1; this provides the dynamic operating range and sensitivity necessary for modern plant processes. These meters also have bright graphical displays of flow rate, totalized flow and gas temperature, continuous diagnostics, output 4 -20 mA of flow rate, pulsed outputs of consumption, in conjunction with fully Modbus compliant RS485 RTU Communications. For harsh or difficult to reach applications, Sage Prime offers a remote style flow meter, with up to 1000-feet of lead length compensated cable – all electronics and power are at the transmitter – thus, the probe or flow body has a terminal junction box.


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