Nitrogen (N2 gas) is an inert gas used in various applications, including cutting, purging, cooling, and freezing, and nitrogen gas flow meters are required in:

Nitrogen Gas is Inert

In its gaseous form, nitrogen is inert, meaning the gas doesn’t change under a given set of conditions. Inert gases are desirable in welding, sealing, blanketing, and marking applications where chemical reactions or product degradation is avoided.

Nitrogen displaces air and reduces or eliminates the oxidation of materials. It is also used in laser cutting as an assist gas. Nitrogen improves yields and optimizes process performance. It permits the safe storage and use of flammables and prevents the explosion of combustibles. Additionally, nitrogen enhances the quality and shelf-life of air-sensitive materials like pharmaceuticals, food, and electronic products.

Nitrogen Gas Flow Meters

Thermal mass flow meters provide reliable measurements in:

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