Thermal mass flow meters support the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in six applications, including measuring air flow, nitrogen gas, and ammonia gas.

      1. Measure air flow (and other gases) into batch processes of reactors or fermentors
      2. Measure nitrogen and ammonia gas flow for tank blanketing
      3. Measure nitrogen gas flow for purging fermentors and vessels
      4. Measure inlet air flow during pill coating to maintain product consistency
      5. Measure exhaust air flow during pill coating
      6. Measure inlet air for process stability of fluid bed and spray dryers

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6 Uses of Thermal Mass Flow Meters in Pharmaceutical & Biotech
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Batch Processes and Reactors / Fermenters

Thermal Mass flow Meter Applications in Pharma and Biotech
Many procedures in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries require precise measurement of air or gases in batch processes.

Many procedures in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries require precise measurement of air or gases in batch processes. In a batch process, various gases are introduced into reactors or fermenters. Because thermal mass flow meters read in actual mass flow, the gas flow can be maintained at a constant rate regardless of pressure changes in the vessel. The Sage meter’s fast response and accuracy ensure precise, repeatable batch-to-batch results, which produce the process’s excellent long-term stability.

The pharmaceutical industry also uses nitrogen for blanketing and purging fermenters and batch reactor vessels, offering high accuracy and excellent repeatability in these applications.

Pill Coating

The air flow rate to pill coaters should be maintained at a uniform rate to ensure product consistency. Variations in the air flow will affect the drying rate and create differences in coating thickness. Utilizing thermal mass flow meters can provide alarms to indicate if the flow has dropped below an acceptable level.

Exhaust Flow

Thermal mass flow meters can also be used on the pill coating process’s downstream side to measure exhaust flow. In this case, a specialized splash guard and unique dirt-resistant coating on the sensor are required for the contaminated air stream.

Fluid Bed and Spray Dryers

The pharmaceutical industry often uses fluid bed dryers and spray dryers. For both dryer types, accurate measurement and control of the inlet air are essential to ensure the process remains stable and repeatable.

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