There is a growing emphasis on energy management, and many facilities are retaining the services of energy monitoring specialists to conduct energy audits. Many of these firms have discovered the benefit of using portable thermal mass flow meters during their audits to measure energy consumption.

Energy Audits and Monitoring

energy management application guideThere is a growing demand throughout all industries to conserve energy to reduce costs and for environmental sustainability. There are engineering firms that specialize in energy audits and monitoring. Their inspections can help identify improvement opportunities in industrial facilities and develop energy management approaches. These assessments provide baseline energy consumption, offer guidelines for improvements in production efficiency, and identify cost-reduction opportunities in energy efficiency.

These specialists conduct audits to inspect a facility’s heating, cooling, and lighting system, water and steam consumption, ventilation, and control systems. Many of these companies also recommend process energy audits to manufacturers and production facilities.

Portable Thermal Mass Flow Meters

A portable thermal mass flow meter, such as the Sage Prism, is often used by these audit companies when conducting energy assessments. Unlike other flow devices, such as pitot tubes, which measure natural gas or compressed air flow, or other volumetric flow devices, the thermal mass flow meter measures direct mass flow without needing pressure and temperature correction. Additionally, the flow meter is accurate over wide flow ranges and offers automatic data logging instead of manual data entry.

Sage Metering has discontinued the production of the Sage Prism.

For more information on using the thermal mass flow meter in this application or energy management systems, download the white paper:

Energy Management Solutions – A Guide for Thermal Flow Meters