In a new application brief, Sage Metering shares a situation where a natural gas flow meter was erroneously reporting high. Because of the Renewable Fuel Standard, an ethanol manufacturer was forced to curtail production.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Natural Gas Flow Meter Reads High Forces Producer to Curb Production
Have you lost confidence in your industrial natural gas flow meter?

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is a federal program requiring renewable fuel to blend into transportation fuel at increasing levels by 2022. Additionally, each renewable fuel category must emit lower greenhouse gas emissions than the petroleum fuel it replaces.

Greenhouse gas emissions are reported based on natural gas consumption. The RFS posed a challenge for one ethanol manufacturer when its orifice meter reported high natural gas consumption during ethanol production. The producer was forced to curb production.

Natural Gas Flow Meter Reads High

ethanol production technical noteThere are a few reasons why the orifice meter could have been reading high, and these are discussed in the new application brief, “Ethanol Production and GHG Reporting.” No matter the reason, though, it was reading high, and the facility lost confidence in its flow meter and turned to Sage Prime for answers. The producer soon realized their orifice meter was wrong when the Sage Prime thermal mass flow meter provided accurate and reliable natural gas flow readings, correcting the GHG emissions data and permitting the manufacturer to resume production.

Application Brief

Have you lost confidence in your industrial natural gas flow meter? Learn how Sage Prime solved this industrial gas flow problem in this new application brief. Read more >.

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