Compressed air flow measurement in the industrial environment offers significant opportunities to save money by reducing energy costs.

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Compressed Air Flow

Compressed Air Flow Measurement
Compressed air flow measurement in the industrial environment offers significant opportunities to save money by reducing energy costs.

Compressed air generally uses more electricity than any other type of equipment, and accounts for as much as a third of the energy usage in an industrial facility.  Insertion Style Thermal Mass Flow Meters help identify leaks in compressor systems, track overall usage to improve plant efficiency, and help departments reduce consumption. This can save thousands of dollars each month in large industrial applications. For instance, the compressed air flow meter can be used with energy management systems to help determine the optimal number of compressor units that need to be in operation at any given time; this helps to meet the demand of various departments and processes. Furthermore, Thermal mass flow meters are sensitive enough to determine leaks. For example, if a typical compressor system running at 100 psi had total leaks throughout its fittings and seals of 1/4″, it would pass 100 CFM of unused compressed air. That alone would waste over $20,000 in power each year!

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Compressed Air Flow Measurement

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Sage Metering provides easy-to-install insertion thermal mass flow meters for typical compressor lines and also offers a convenient isolation assembly valve for mounting. These direct mass flow meters do not require separate temperature or pressure transmitters, have no moving parts, are highly accurate and repeatable, and have a negligible pressure drop. Sage Thermal Mass Flow Meters have extraordinary rangeability of at least 100 to 1, as well as fast response. Additionally, Sage Thermal Flow Meters are digitally driven, resulting in extreme low-end sensitivity without sacrificing performance at the upper end. Sage flow meters, with sensitivity as low as 5 SFPM (1 SCFM in a 6” pipe), permit leak detection by assessing whether compressed air lines, thought to be unused, are actually wasting expensive air through its previous undetected leaks.

Compressed Air Flow Meter

Sage flow meters have 4 – 20 mA outputs of flow rate, pulsed outputs of consumption, in conjunction with fully Modbus compliant RS485 RTU communications, which are all ideal for sophisticated energy management systems. The meters also feature bright graphical displays of flow rate, a non-resettable totalizer (often a requirement for Environmental reporting), a temperature reading, plus, continuous diagnostics. For difficult to reach pipes, or for locations with extreme radiant heat, Sage also offers a Remote Style Flow Meter, with up to 1000 feet of lead length compensated cable – all electronics and powering are done at the transmitter – thus, the probe simply has a terminal junction box.

Air Flow Meter Applications – A Guide for Thermal Flow Meters.

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