Why measure the mass flow rate? That is the question I address in this new video by Sage Metering. Sage is the manufacturer of thermal mass flow meters, and in this video, I explain that many processes need to measure the mass flow rate rather than the volumetric flow rate.

Why measure mass flow rate? New Video
In a new video, Bob Steinberg, the president of Sage Metering, answers the question, “Why is it so important to measure mass flow rate?”

An instrument to Measure Mass Flow Rate

Thermal mass flow meters determine true mass flow without measuring pressure and temperature commonly used with orifice plates. In fact, a popular new application for thermal mass flow meters is replacing orifice plates. The advantages of thermal mass meters include ease of maintenance and ease of obtaining the signal. Additionally, there are significant savings associated with not having to drop energy across an orifice plate to measure mass flow.

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New Thermal Mass Flow Meter Video

To replace any conventional flow measuring system, Sage Metering is available to explain how thermal mass flow meters can be used in your process. Call Sage Metering at 866-677-7243 with any questions regarding the most effective way to measure the mass flow rate. To view some of our other videos, visit our YouTube channel.