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Sage Thermal Mass Flow Meter

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4 Gas Flow Meter Types for Measurement

Natural Gas Flow Meter Types There are four natural gas meter types often used for [...]

How do I calibrate my Sage gas flow meter in-situ (onsite)?

Here are the in-situ gas flowmeter calibration directions. The Sage method to verify that the [...]

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Global Warming Sparks Flow Meter Development

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Acid Rain Influenced Thermal Flow Meter Development

Thermal flow meter development over the last couple of decades was largely driven to address [...]

Sage Thermal Mass Flow Meter Manufacturer History

When we examine the history of thermal mass flow meter manufacturers, what emerges is the [...]

FAQ: What is the Difference between Accuracy and Repeatability?

What is the difference between accuracy and repeatability? We frequently compare flow meters’ specifications to [...]

Mass Flow Meter for Measuring Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Thermal mass flow meters are becoming the preferred choice for monitoring and measuring greenhouse gas [...]

The Most Energy Efficient Thermal Flow Meter Available

There is some irony in that thermal flow meters identify areas to conserve energy while [...]

Measure Mass Flow Rate? Why is This Important?

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Flow Meter Manufacturer Releases New Video

Sage Prime Video Sage Metering, the manufacturer of the Sage Paramount and Prime® Thermal Mass [...]

Air Flow Meter for Combustion Efficiency | Industrial Boilers

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Mass Flow, Differential Pressure and Air Flow Meters

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Flowmeter Class 1 Div 2 has edge over Cl 1 Division 1

While the NEC permits the use of a Cl 1 Division 1 approved thermal mass [...]

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Monitoring for Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems

The EPA requires facilities emitting 25,000 metric tons of CO2e annually to report annual GHG [...]