Air Mass Flow Meter New Application Brief

In a new application brief, Sage Metering explores the use of the air mass flow meter to measure air flow in industrial processes. Air flow impacts the efficiency of many processes such as aeration air, combustion air, compressed air, cooling air and ventilation air, and by improving efficiency, facilities reduce cost.

Air Flow Meters

Many different devices measure air flow, such as differential pressure flow meters (orifice, venturi, averaging Pitot tubes), positive displacement meters, turbine flow meters, and vortex shedding flow meters. These instruments require pressure and temperature measurement to obtain mass flow.

Air Mass Flow Meter for Industrial Applications
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The new application brief explores the benefits of a air mass flow meter over other alternatives. One benefit is that the thermal mass flow meter does not require additional pressure and temperature measurement because it measures mass flow. Thermal flow meters can also handle heated large compressed air pipes. Additionally, the thermal mass flow meter offers extremely high rangeability, they are easy to install, can measure very low flow rates, do not create a pressure drop and are the most cost-efficient flow meter to obtain mass flow.

Air Mass Flow Meter Selection

When selecting a flow meter for an air mass flow application, remember that the thermal mass flow meter does not need extra devices to measure pressure or temperature. It is also important to select a design that permits easy installation with an insertion probe that is inserted directly into the pipe. The Sage air mass flow meter has a convenient probe retraction assembly that allows the removal and insertion of the probe in pressurized pipes.

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