Nitrogen tank blanketing systems are used in various industries to prevent the degradation of a liquid or substance stored in a tank. Thermal mass flow meters are ideal for monitoring the inert gas consumption, improving safety, and saving on costs.

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Nitrogen Tank Blanketing Systems
Thermal mass flow meters are ideal for monitoring nitrogen flow in tank blanketing systems to improve safety and cut costs.

Tank Blanketing

Many industries store liquids, gases, and even slurries in industrial storage tanks or vessels. When the storage material comes in contact with oxygen, the substance oxidizes and degrades, lowering product quality or potentially creating a hazardous situation. Different industries often use tank blanketing systems to remedy.

Nitrogen Systems

Tank blanketing systems fill the headspace of a tank storing the unstable liquid, gas or slurry, with an inert gas (such as nitrogen). The gas blankets the vessel’s content and prevents it from interacting with oxygen and breaking down. The majority of these systems do not measure the inert gas flow rate, and operators typically vary the flow rate as the contents pump from the tank, creating a safety issue when over-pressurized. Additionally, extra nitrogen can be used and be costly.

Sage Metering Application Brief

nitrogen tank blanketing technical noteSage Metering has recently written an application brief that identifies how the operator can use thermal mass flow meters to cut gas costs and increase safety. Download the technical note.

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