This blog is part one of a series on thermal mass flow meters to measure gas mass in diverse applications. In this blog, we answer the question, what six industrial facilities use thermal mass flow meters?

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Facility Types Using Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Facilities that move large volumes of air and other gases in a manufacturing process use thermal mass flow meters. Any production process that uses furnaces to raise the temperature of a product, cure a product, or dry a product will need air or gas movement in the process.

Here is an overview of where thermal mass flow meters are used:

Industrial Facilities Use Thermal Mass Flow Meters?
Any production process using a furnace or smelter will need air or gas movement in the process.
    1. Producers of steel, brick, wood, glass, fiberglass, and others use many different gases. The steel industry uses several different gas types (argon, oxygen, nitrogen, natural gas); the other listed industries will primarily use natural gas.
    2. Manufactures of food and beverages; beer, wine, snacks, dairy, packaged foods, pre-prepared foods, and others use large amounts of air to move product, run machines and furnaces to raise temperatures to cure foods, dry foods, and cook.
    3. In water and wastewater treatment facilities, large amounts of air to oxygenate the aeration basins.
    4. In chemical, petrochemical, and petroleum refining, including the discovery, processing, and transportation of natural gas, gasoline, and many other products produced from base chemicals, vast amounts of air and gases are used in the manufacturing processes.
    5. The pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotech industries use gas and air in production and research.

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In subsequent posts, we will explore each of these areas and how thermal mass flow meters can optimize efficiency, save money, improve product quality, decrease harmful emissions, maintain system balance, combustion optimization, or provide leak detection.

In part two of this series, we address seven ways thermal mass flow meters can assist manufacturers using compressed air and compressor manufacturers and distributors.

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Thermal Mass Flow Meter Applications

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