Sage Metering has created a new technical specifications document that answers just about everything you ever wanted to know about the Sage Prime thermal mass flow meter and its unique features.

Sage Prime Mass Flow Meter Technical SpecificationsTechnical Specifications

The new material includes 12 newly produced drawings for the various versions of the Sage Prime. Contractors and engineering firms will appreciate the Sage Prime Technical Specifications when specifying a flow meter.

Prime Dimensional Drawings

Those who would prefer to view the dimensional drawings without the specifications visit Prime Dimensional Drawings. Here you can review, print, and download drawings for the models of interest.

Wiring Illustrations

Another recent addition to our Knowledge Base area is a comprehensive wiring guide for eight Sage Prime flow meter styles. Visit our Wiring Illustrations, where you can review, print, and download drawings.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please inquire here.

Wiring Diagrams for Sage Thermal Mass Flow Meters

New Improved Sage Prime Thermal Mass Flow Meter Manual

Image by Mari Kanezaki from Pixabay

One thought on “Sage Prime Mass Flow Meter Technical Specifications

  1. Rasmus Christensen says:

    How sensitive is theThermal mass flow meeter to Dust?
    I am considdering usig it to diagnose a DP measurment is contaminated by dust.
    The DP is used in a 2oo3 SIL2 classifyed SIF, but if the measurment is wrong due to dust I will need additinal diagnisics.

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