A question often asked is, “How do liquids affect thermal mass flow meter sensors?” Also, “Can I use a thermal mass flow meter in wet gas applications?”

Thermal Mass Flow Meters in Wet Gas Applications

The Sage thermal mass flow meter can be used in wet gas applications, depending on how the customer defines “wet gas.”

Saturated Moisture

If a customer has an application with saturated moisture flowing through pipes, the Sage thermal mass meter can likely accommodate the use. While saturated moisture does not harm the Sage sensor, we highly recommend that the user run any application by our customer service or engineering department when moisture is present. For us to provide the best guidance, please let us know the percentage of moisture in your application when calling Sage.


For a condensing gas within the process, the Sage thermal mass flow meter may still function properly with proper installation techniques. Condensing moisture droplets may hit the sensor and cause irregular spikes in the meter readings. To avoid this, we recommend installing the meter at a particular angle to combat the issue. To learn more, contact customer service to discuss the use before proceeding. Again, contact the factory if your gas contains moisture or is condensing.

Customer Service and Engineering

Our sales and engineering departments are dedicated to providing sound product recommendations and proper installation advice to ensure our clients are happy with their Sage Metering products.

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