One of the more common questions we receive at Sage is, “What is the lead time for a thermal mass flow meter?

Thermal Mass Flow Meter Lead Time

The standard lead time for a Sage Metering thermal mass flow meter order is three to four weeks.
However, we have a couple of processes to expedite orders if your meter is needed more quickly.

Sage Expedited Production Service

At Sage, we value all of our customers. We have an expedited delivery service available for any customer in need of a meter before the standard lead time for a nominal fee. Of course, this policy is subject to availability and must be discussed with our customer service department during purchasing. At that time, we will advise if we can meet your desired deadline and declare what the expedited fee may be.

Expedited Shipping Service

Don’t forget to consider expediting the shipping service and let us know what level of expedited shipping you approve (Overnight, second-day service, or ground?). Additionally, if you have a shipping account with UPS or FedEx (or the carrier of your choice), we can ship your order and have the shipping billed to your account.

At Sage, it is our interest to get your order to you in the quickest manner possible without sacrificing quality. We believe open communication to set realistic expectations works best.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.