A common question we routinely field at Sage Metering is, “Can I use third-party software to change the parameters of my thermal mass flow meter?”

Can I change the thermal mass flow meter parameters?

We all do it from time to time; we try to save a little money or project time by cutting corners. At times we are asked by our meters’ end users if they can increase the flow rate or change the gas or change some other parameter through a third-party. I wish it were that easy. It is one area that we caution against cutting corners. The best thing to do is send the meter to our factory using an RMA or Return Material Authorization for reconfiguration.

How do I return my meter for calibration?

thermal mass flow meter calibration
The Sage Zeroing Chamber is used during our NIST factory calibration to record the “no flow” or 0 SCFM data point.

You can obtain the RMA and return your meter to us two ways:

Contact your Sage Metering Representative or the reseller you purchased the meter from and request to return the meter for factory recalibration.

Contact us; however, going through the original representative or distributor may save you some time because we will need a credit application to set up an account, assuming you are not in our system. Either way, though, we will be happy to assist you.

Sage Factory Calibration

The Sage meter is a precision instrument, and we prefer that the meters be factory calibrated, and using third-party software or an in-house service is discouraged. Learn more about the Sage Calibration.

UPDATE: New Paramount Industrial Thermal Mass Flow Meter

The Paramount™ mass flow meter for industrial applications is Sage’s latest model using advanced technology. The meter features the Sage Prime’s display, and circuitry, with a NEMA 4X enclosure, which safeguards the meter against harsh environmental elements providing extra corrosion protection. The rear compartment of the meter’s display is entirely separate from the electronics and has larger well-marked terminals that are easy-to-access. It features a mini USB port to connect from the Paramount to a PC directly with a supplied cable. When using the SageCom software (free with the Paramount meter purchase), the user can quickly reconfigure the meter in the field.

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