For over 20 years, P.I. Process Instrumentation has recognized the latest innovations and technology breakthroughs in the process instrumentation industry through its Innovation Awards program. Sage Metering is pleased to be recognized as a 2022 honoree for its Sage Paramount flow meter with its new Bluetooth option.

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P.I. Awards Nominee: Sage Paramount

With the industrial meter’s new Bluetooth option, the Sage Paramount now provides wireless connectivity for remote programming, which is extremely helpful for hard-to-reach integral-style meters.

About the Industrial Thermal Mass Flow Meter

The Sage Paramount thermal mass flow meter measures the flow rate or consumption of gases or gas mixes. It has a dual-sided explosion-proof NEMA 4X enclosure and is offered as an in-line flow meter (with flow conditioning) for pipes from ¼ of an inch to 6 inches or as an insertion flow meter for lines from 1 inch to over 24 inches.

The Paramount is now available with the Bluetooth option permitting wireless connectivity between a Bluetooth-enabled laptop and any Bluetooth-enabled Paramount flowmeter within 50 feet. However, we’ve witnessed communication up to 75 feet away. The SageCom Validation and Configuration Software on the laptop recognizes any Paramount meter within the Bluetooth range.

The Bluetooth® option allows the user to change settings remotely. The user no longer needs to climb ladders while lugging a laptop to access hard-to-reach flow meters to make changes to the flow meter’s settings.

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