Sage Metering, the manufacturer of premium thermal mass flow meters, released the Sage Paramount, its next-gen industrial flow meter, along with the SageCom calibration and configuration software.

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Paramount Industrial Thermal Mass Flow Meter

paramount thermal mass flow meter
Sage Paramount

The Paramount™ mass flow meter for industrial applications is Sage’s latest model using advanced technology. The meter features the Sage Prime’s display, and circuitry, with a NEMA 4X enclosure which safeguards the meter against harsh environmental elements providing extra corrosion protection. The rear compartment of the meter’s display is entirely separate from the electronics and has larger well-marked terminals that are easy-to-access. It features a mini USB port for the user to connect from the Paramount to a PC directly with a supplied cable. When using the SageCom software (free with the purchase of the Paramount meter), the user can quickly reconfigure the meter in the field.

SageCom Validation and Configuration Software

SageCom™ replaces Addresser and Insight software. The program is user-friendly and permits the user to change the gas composition to gases common to the oil and gas industry, while the meter is in the field. Additional features of this new communication software include:

Software Diagnostics

    • Verify that the thermal mass flow meter is performing within original calibration and that the sensors are clean
    • Confirm that the meter is measuring flow based on the original factory calibration and that the linear output is correct
    •  Print a validation report

sagecom softwareSoftware Reconfigurability

Check or change the configuration of the instrument (e.g., change full scale, pipe size, engineering units, decimal points)

Change Gas Mix in the Field

Enter an entirely new set of gas mix constituents versus the original calibrated mix, and the meter will automatically correct its readings to the updated mix

Log Real-Time Data

Export real-time data easily to Excel

Free SageCom Software with Paramount Order

Want More Information?

More information is available on our Sage Paramount and SageCom pages. The meter is a 2019 and 2020 Flow Control Innovation Awards Nominee. Also, see our Tutorial for SageCom. If you have any questions or would like more information, message us here.

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