Thermal mass flow meters assist within the food and beverage industry, in applications that include tank blanketing, dryer air flow, carbonation, compressed air, and leak detection.

    1. Hydrogen
    2. Nitrogen
    3. Dryers
    4. CO2 in Breweries
    5. Air Injection in Ice Cream
    6. Packaging in Potato Chips and Snacks

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Within the food and beverage industry, masses of air and gases are moved around the processing facilities. In addition to the use of boilers, ovens, and furnaces, they also use much natural gas in the packaging of food products for preservation.

Measure Hydrogen and Nitrogen Flow

nitrogen tank blanketing technical noteFood and beverage manufacturers use tank blanketing for storing fats, cooking oils, purified water, and foods to increase product shelf-life, reduce oxidation, and prepare the product for packaging and transportation. Tank blanketing maintains an inert atmosphere in a container (removes oxygen) to prevent oxidation of the stored material in a tank. The FDA regulates blanketing systems in the food industry, and manufacturers must comply with strict maintenance programs for all product-contact guidelines, regarding filter specifications, purity, and toxicity. When using inert gases, for example, nitrogen, strict protocols must be followed to ensure that workers are not exposed to unsafe or lethal doses of any non-breathable substance. Additionally, in the United States, OSHA regulates any commercial use of tank blanketing.

The wide rangeability, combined with the exceptional low flow sensitivity and explosion-proof construction makes the Sage meter ideal in these applications.

Measurement and Control of Dryer Air Flow

air flow application guideJust as the pharmaceutical industry, the food, and beverage industry use many different types of dryers including tray dryers, tunnel dryers, roller or drum dryers, fluidized bed dryers, spray dryers, pneumatic dryers, rotary dryers, trough dryers, bin dryers, belt dryers, vacuum dryers and freeze dryers.

Many dryer applications require accurate, repeatable measurement and control of dryer air flow rates to assure product quality and consistency.

Carbon Dioxide Measurement

The measurement of carbon dioxide (CO2), connected to the carbonation process, is standard in all breweries. The flow rates vary to a great extent and sometimes require a meter with multiple calibrations to accommodate the extremely large turndown ratios. The Sage thermal mass flow meter with four separate ranges and calibrations is a natural choice for this application.

Measure Air Injections Flow Rates

Measure Air Injections Flow RatesMany ice cream manufacturers use continuous freezers and inject compressed air into their product to make it lighter and less dense. Some pump nontoxic and inert gas into the product mix. Thermal mass flow meters measure the gas or air injection rates at ice cream manufacturing plants.

Packaging in Potato Chips and Snacks

Many potato chips and similar snack makers use thermal mass flow meters to measure nitrogen injection flow rates of the packaging machinery.

If you would like to learn more about other industries that use thermal mass flow meters, visit Six Industrial Areas That Use Thermal Mass Flow Meters


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