Recently a customer called and said, “My thermal mass meter display is dark. Is it broken?”

Thermal Mass Flow Meter | Part VI of Natural Gas Flow Meter
The display on my thermal mass flow meter is dark, is it broken? The flowmeter has a screensaver, and simply waving your hand in front will wake it.

Mass Flow Meter Display is Dark

Occasionally, customers wonder if the Sage meter’s display is malfunctioning because it is dark. Chances are it is working fine. The Sage thermal mass flow meters have a screensaver, and when the meter has not been used, the screen goes dark. It is perfectly normal. Wave your hand in front of the meter to wake the unit, and the screen will reappear.

Sage Meter Service Department

If, for any reason, though, this does not work, contact the Sage Metering Service Department and explain the concern. If something is going on with the flow meter, we will issue a return material authorization (RMA) to return for repair. In this case, call 866-677-7243 and ask for service. Or contact us here.

Sage Metering’s Cancellation and Return Policy